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Theatre Chairs

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A classical chair which will be ideal for any hall. Moulded foam polyurethane, uninflammable triplex (3 layer) fabric, natural beech. Anti-vandal steel metal frame. Number plates available upon request . Warranty period - 7 years.
от 4950 руб *
dealers price - 20%
The best universal hall chair. The seat and back are made of moulded foam polyurethane. Steel metal frame. Any colour of uninflammable upholstery. Armrests – natural beech. Quick delivery.
от 3960 руб *
dealers price - 20%
Chairs for cinemas, stereo and concert halls. Moulded foam polyurethane, anti-vandal 3 mm thick plastic cladding, cup holders, options available. Integrated armrests, number plates available upon request, halls service support.
от 6050 руб *
dealers price - 20%

An inexpensive and light chair, anatomic back form due to the exclusive metal frame inside the soft element. Movable back and seat chair cover. Uninflammable upholstery.
от 3740 руб *
dealers price - 20%
A transformer chair which is an alternative for high cost import chairs for multi-functional and transformable halls. Moulded foam polyurethane, reliable silent transformation element, any colour of metal and fabric. Options available.
от 6160 руб *
dealers price - 20%
The main advantage of the Comfort chair is its 3 mm thick moulded plastic cladding. Moulded foam polyurethane cladding of the chair back and seat assure its operational reliability.
от 5280 руб *
dealers price - 20%
* introductory price for dealers starting from 500 chairs/month, long stationary rows, excluding assembly and delivery cost, individual hall peculiarities, for commercial customers, pick-up at the production facilities stock house. Please, contact our manager to get a price for each project. We have a



Eurozal is a widely known and highly respected company not only in Central Russia, but also in the farthest regions of our vast Motherland. Since 1995, its main but not the only field of activity is the commercial integrated production of chairs for different purpose halls.

Eurozal has its own advanced production facilities and every year provides its customers with over one hundred thousand theater, cinema, concert and conference chairs.

Компания «Еврозал» располагает всеми необходимыми ресурсами для производства кресел для залов, соответствующих самым высоким стандартам качества и безопасности
Eurozal sewing production

Eurozal not only produces and delivers special furniture, but also is engaged in complex interior arrangement at concert, theater and cinema halls and also at rooms meant for business meetings and political events. Eurozal has its own teams that go directly to customers and install theater chairs in compliance with the most stringent current Russian and international standards.

Why do clients choose Eurozal?

Eurozal interacts with potential and regular customers on terms of maximum openness. The company’s directorate is making every effort to ensure mutually beneficial partnership based on simple and clear principles. That is why every year the lion’s share of the order portfolio is formed by contracts with government agencies, municipal enterprises and organizations. Private customers – firms and companies engaged in film distribution and exhibition industry and owning show venues – are also interested in theater, office and other chairs produced by Eurozal.

На производстве у компании «Еврозал» заняты специалисты высочайшей квалификации.
Eurozal production workshop

Today, customers are choosing products and services provided by Eurozal, because cooperation with this company involves a number of indisputable advantages.

  1. Eurozal has its own production of the highest quality theater chairs and can afford offering its customers only the best prices;
  2. Eurozal arranges shipment, delivery and proper installation of chairs thus ensuring maximum preservation, reliability, durability and safety of products supplied;
  3. Eurozal sells manufactured theater chairs undergone the strict independent expert examination; the compliance of Eurozal chairs with national and international standards is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

How to become a Eurozal client?

It’s simple. If you want to buy theater chairs or to get any information about us and our products, please call the toll-free number 8-800-555-70-31 and speak to specialists about any issues you are interested in. You can send a letter to Eurozal using e-mail or through feedback form . If you need information immediately, you can use services of an online consultant in the lower right corner of the screen.

Philharmonic New Hall-2 with our Chairs Opens at Olympic Village in Moscow


One thousand of new chairs are installed by Eurozal in the Philharmonic hall

400 Seats New Hall Put into Service at State Republic Makhachkala Gorkiy Russian Drama Theatre, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan


400 new Northern Venice chairs with carved beech frame, massive side parts and moulded foam polyurethane in chairs back and seat are installed by the Eurozal factory installation team at the customer’s object

Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts purchased 302 new chairs for their hall made at our factory


Non-standard chairs made of new fabric - basket cloth – were manufactured, delivered and assembled by our company specialists at the object.

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